Project Browser


Project Browser

Import and open your image data using the Project Browser.

There are two icons at the top. The logo icon displays a list of your cached project datasets which you have already opened. The folder icon shows the HD directory and allows you to locate and open a new dataset.

In the list of cached datasets, a white check will appear next to datasets containing any cache saved, segmentation data computed, and the original full set of images. The amount of cache size created for a dataset, and when it was last opened are also displayed for convenience.

You can also see a quick preview of the image metadata on the righthand side.

Organizing Image Data

Organize your image data in this hierarchy:

Project → Experiment → Dataset

A dataset is a collection of images from a single microscope slide or 96 well plate. An experiment is a collection of datasets. A project is a collection of experiments.

If you lay out your image data in this way, all underlying images are then extracted automatically, and importing is as simple as selecting the top-level directory and pressing Enter.

Refer here for file-naming guidelines.

Navigating Your Files

In the leftmost column will be a list of your folders. Click "Set Dataset Root" to navigate directly to your projects.

In the second column, QiTissue displays all of the datasets it finds within the directory. Select the project you want to open. If your images are divided into scenes, a third column will appear on the right with a list of scenes. Double-click to select one or click "Open" in the bottom right corner.

To open more than one scene or dataset, just double-click on another to load the new image and create a tab in the upper left hand corner. All changes will be saved when alternating between datasets, and any uploaded datasets are saved in a local QiData folder for instant retrieval.

View Scenes in a Grid

You can change the view to a grid in the upper right hand corner to view thumbnails instead of filenames. Selecting your project folder in this way displays a preview of each scene.

Checking Track directory changes will regularly scan the directory for any modifications and update the Project Browser and Channels List.