Feature Table


Feature Table

Configure a table with acute quantitative analysis of any variable in the cell and image feature lists.

Feature data must be extracted from the dataset in order to load the data into the table. Make sure you run segmentation through the Segmentation window with Measure Cell Features and Measure Image Features checked to do so. You can also import existing feature data through the file menu, or run feature analysis on a separate segmentation mask (click here for details on importing segmentation masks).

Set a Data Source

Data source is where you can set the population of cells in the table. By default, the data source is set to All Cells. To select from a different population, such as any gates or clusters, simply choose from the dropdown.

Then check your desired features in the Select visible columns… to list them in columns.

You can create additional feature tables by clicking the “+” at the bottom. This will create a new tab. Click on a tab to switch to that table, and double click on the tab to rename it.

Find Cells In Your Image View

By selecting a row within the generated feature table, you can find the cell by clicking "Fit Selected" in the View Navigator window. The reverse is also possible by selecting a cell boundary on the image and locating the matching cell ID within the feature table. Multiple cells can be selected in the table by holding down the command key when selecting or holding down the shift key for a list.

You can organize columns to order the values from highest to lowest by clicking on the column header. This can be useful, for example, for viewing the top 10 brightest cells, etc. 

Cell IDs that belong to a gate or cluster will display the row in the respective gate color.

Import/Export Feature Data

The user can export feature data directly from the table by clicking the export icon on the top right, or by going to Export in the file menu.

To import feature data, select File → Import → Import and Replace Features. This will override any existing feature data extracted from that dataset. Import and Amend Features will only patch the feature data.

Utilize the Feature Reference Browser for all the image and cell feature data in the QiTissue library.